Case Studies

Highlights of the type of work undertaken by GearSys personnel

Programme Management

Head of Programme Management Delivery posts across a 6000 strong PLC and 500 strong PM Sub Function, offering best working practices and effective PM resorting to a £1Bn per year MOD contract.

Project Management

Controlled all reporting and PM governance through the Chief of Staff of a 250 strong Programme Management Office.

Systems Engineering

Through INCOSE best working practices rebalanced a plus 20 year delivery programme, though adopting Quality Functional Deployment to rebalance all Strategic and Operational Assumptions, whilst hard wiring Systems Requirements to 2* Strategic User Requirements.

Risk Management

Refined RM though the Programme to deliver the Executive 11 Strategic Risk ‘Change Levers’,reduced down from 6000 risks held Tactically.

Programme Reporting

Introduced and managed Earned Value Management across the Programme.



Introduced Enterprise Architecture across the programme of work, which realigned through Matrix Management accountability to delivery across the Strategic, Operational and Tactical Control Accounts.

Stakeholder Management

Increased customer confidence at both the 2 and 3* MOD level in the PLC’s ability to deliver to cost and on time, whilst reducing the customer’s cost but increasing the contractor’s profit.